MED Center is a geopolitical risk consultancy institution established in 2020 to provide the policy makers, civil society actors and international institutions working for peace and development in Libya with evidence-based analysis and forecast for the potential risks in different sectors across Libya.


Political Planing

The center provides political planning tools related to the Libyan file. The most important of these tools are Policy Briefs, Policy Papers and Analytical Briefs, including an account of the most important political and international developments in Libya accompanied by an analysis of what lies beyond the News. Also Research papers and policy papers, in which the Center offers more space to analyze issues of interest. It often relies on reviewing the problem in an analytical context and ends with results or recommendations in solving the problem.


The center provides series of training programs in “Political Leadership in Conflict Management & Peace Process” for the purpose of qualifying young political leaders in the fields of political leadership skills, geopolitical risks, and conflict management and transformation.



The Transnational Crisis

The implications of the Arab Spring phenomenon and its final manifestations

Conflicts for energy resources

The Libyan issue and the trends and interactions of the international and regional parties associated with it